The meme chapters #1: Hop in for some Delicious Cake

Hello everyone!

While scouring the evil corners of the Internets, (dark places like encyclopediadramatica, 4chan and friends) we decided to start a new chapter in this blog about Internet memes. Never fear, usual stuff will still show up here.

Firstly, because this is the first chapter, what is a meme. For those of you still new to the Interspheres, memes are basically short pieces of information, sort of inside jokes, which propagate around the tubes (Internets again…) like crazy. Most of these memes originate from 4chan, which is a dark and scary place… really (Not Safe For Work!!!). We shall not post a direct link here because we are still (at least partly) sane.

The first such meme in the series – CAKE: Delicious Cake, The Cake is a Lie and stuff like that. Now this theme originated from Super Mario 64 where Princess Peach wanted to make mario some Delicious Cake at the end of the game. On the Interblags, usually, someone or something really really annoying is going to stand between you and the Delicious Cake trying to make it as impossible as possible for you to reach ultimate goal, the pleasure of eating cake. This meme was further developed by the epic masterpiece: “Portal” (you must have played this… like really… if you haven’t, get it and give it a spin), where your ultimate goal is Cake, but “The cake is a LIE”!

Now, as 4chan usually creates hundreds of memes daily (most of which just don’t survive) it also builds and plays with them as far as it can. For example… Delicious Cakes are probably one of the most brilliant applications of this site. It goes like this:

  • Someone posts a very crazy problem involving you, cake and impossible obstacle – the problem is usually a crappy image made in mspaint.
  • People try to solve this using the craziest methods possible – results are usually modified versions of the problem (again in paint).
  • Solutions go as mad as they can with answers like:
    • Divide the obstacle by 0, and get cake
    • Go in 3D and avoid the obstacle
    • Throw a bucket of KFC and drive bad guys away
    • Call in Chuck Norris
    • Some REALLY smart solutions

Now to conclude, we will give you some of these chalanges, and a few solutions as well, try to think WAY OUTSIDE the box and give some crazy answers. I’m not sure if wordpress supports images in comments, but, describe solutions if you can’t use pictures.

And, my personal favourite: Maze

Owned by mspaint.


~ by Laserbeam on October 19, 2010.

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