Searching for mp3s now made easy with Sad Steve

Google Reader proved its value once again. While gazing restlessly through my feeds, I found a brilliant and simple website (again).

Sad Steve is probably the best thing that’s happened online the past few months. For a very short description, the site features a search box where you can obviously search for music (mp3s to be more exact) on the Internet and of course listen to them. Not really a big deal, I mean come on, you can listen to music on Youtube, Grooveshark, online radio stations and so on, but the awesome part is you can also download the songs. Yes, you heard me right, you can basically download ANY song (or more songs one at a time) from the internet legally. It’s legal because the site doesn’t host any of the songs, and it doesn’t “log users’ IP addresses, physical addresses, e-mail adddress, or any of that garbage” (quoted from their FAQs).

There’s also some log in area, but I don’t really know why or what’s it for, and the site also has some band promoting section, but that’s basically it, a nice and simple music search engine. This log in area, marked as “Just Me” in the menu also has my favorite part of the website as it writes down there: “No Internet Explorer, please.”, which is like music to my ears.

Anyways, it’s a great tool so happy music listening and downloading.


~ by Laserbeam on August 20, 2010.

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